Employee terms and conditions

Duties of Employee: The Employee will, during their employment with the Company (the “Term”):
a) act as Software Programmer and Developer for the Company and carry on such other duties as requested from time to time by the president as required by the Company in the conduct of the Business; and 

b) use all proper means to develop, enhance, promote and maintain the Business and the Company’s products.

Devotion of Time: The Employee will devote his full working time and attention to the Business and to the best interests of the Company during the Term and will not work in any manner for any third party involved in a business that is competitive with the Business.

Transfer of Employee IP: For good and valuable consideration including the entering into of this Agreement by the Company, the Employee hereby transfers and assigns all his right, title and interest in and to any and all source code, compiled code, documentation, notes, drawings, flow charts, work records, plans, planning tools, summaries, presentations and other works created by him during the Term (any and all of which are referred to herein as “Employee’s Developments”) and with respect to the Business.

Confidential Information: The Employee acknowledges that in the course of his employment with the Company he will acquire information about the Business and the affairs of the Company, some of which will include commercially valuable trade secrets, intellectual property and other confidential or proprietary information (all referred to herein as “Confidential Information”), including without limitation financial, sales and marketing information, processes, techniques, know how, systems, methods, data, inventions, devices, ideas, formulae and improvements, and enhancements and modifications thereto and derivatives thereof, whether patented or not.

Non-Disclosure of Confidential Information: The Employee covenants with the Company that he will not, either during the Term or at any time thereafter, disclose any Confidential Information to any third party directly or indirectly other than as may be in the best interest of the Company.

Originality: The Employee will use reasonable efforts to ensure that the Developments do not infringe any proprietary rights of any third parties in any way which would or could derogate from the rights of the Company in the Developments hereunder.

Intellectual Property Rights: For the purposes of this Agreement “Intellectual Property Rights” means all copyrights, design rights, trade secrets and confidential information (including, without limitation, inventions, technical data, and methodologies), patent rights, and other proprietary rights which may subsist anywhere in the world, whether registered or unregistered, and all applications for registration of any of the foregoing, and all rights to file any such applications.

Leave Policy: Employee will be earning 1.5 days leave at the end of each month. Which is a total of 18 days in a year. All of these leaves will come under casual leaves. 50% of the unused leaves can be carry forward to the next year.

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